2020 Fees Below / 2021 Double Listed Fees Below

$9000.00 USD Healing Session/Treatment Only

Healing sessions for treatment only, can consist of one person up to five people and the fee remains the same.  Such sessions require 2 weeks and because training is not being done, the 'No Carb No Sugar' diet might be extended as long as 4 weeks.   

Those not trained in TWTI who only use TWTI to restore their immunity by a trained TWTI healer will have to rely on a specific lifestyle to maintain their COMPLETE immunity.

Anyone can become immune to disease without learning the skill of TWTI and anyone can remain immune to disease without learning the skill of TWTI provided they maintain a lifestyle suitable for uninterrupted immunity.  Such a lifestyle will be one of reasonably consistent sleep, moderate alcohol and caffeine use, moderate stress and moderate carbohydrates and sugars.  

I will travel with an extra fee of $1000 with all travel, room and board paid by client or clients.

This session guarantees full immunity in 2 weeks.  

$9000.00 USD Training Session w/ or w/o Healing

This option is for the purpose of clients being trained in all skills of healing and maintaining full immunity even despite reckless lifestyle living.  This option is ideal for couples, extended family and close friends.  This option requires at least two training clients and up to five.  

People choosing this option can elect to start their healing with the training start or choose to heal on their own after training is over.  

All healing and immune restoration will always requires the two week 'No Carb No Sugar' diet.

This option can be done in a one week format or two week format, depending on client preferences.  $1000 extra fee for two week format.  $1000 extra fee for me to travel, travel, room and board to be paid by client or clients.

This options guarantees clients achieve the skill to practice TWTI on themselves and anyone else they choose to heal.  The skill of TWTI is a skill one can use to maintain their own immunity or the immunity of others.  Only ONE person must be trained to offer immunity and healing.    

$500.00 USD Group Session

This can be a healing session, training session or both and can be a one week format or a two week format.  The fee is $9000 for one week, $10,000 for two week for sessions done here, add $1000 plus travel costs, room and board for me to travel.  

This option allows for up to 20 people to come together in a group setting for training, healing or both so the group can split the fee.  To get the fee down to $500, you or someone other than myself will have to do the work putting a group together.  The most practical way to get a group of people together is to start motivating people and to start seeking out people who know why an immune system is called an immune system.  

If you wish to save money by being involved in a TWTI Group Session join our Facebook Group True Cures True Immunity Community

Do not think it will be easy to get a group together.   Most people do not believe they can heal.  Finding 10 or 20 people who believe life has the ability to heal will be work and you will earn your discounted rate by promoting the healing nature of all life on earth in the process.  

If you do not do Facebook, then you need to pick one of the other options.  You will not find a group in your own personal circle of friends and family.  


Join this Facebook group True Cures True Immunity Community and reach out to past trainees who will be able to heal you.  At the moment I am the only one offering training.  Training may be available soon by trainees in Canada and Chile.  

As of now, we have trainees in Missouri, Georgia, Chile, Chicago, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands to name a few who can provide immunity to anyone who can spend two weeks with them.  

Trainees can charge any fee they wish to charge, even work free of charge if they wish.   Contact me via Facebook first, email second if necessary and I can see about setting up a meeting with a trainee that might be less active on the Facebook group mentioned above.