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True Wisdom True Immunity David Flowers grew up in Hico and Dickenson Texas and at the age of 24, moved to Sun Valley, Idaho with his good friend Nick… motorcycle and all, to start a new adventure. As you can imagine leaving an extremely conservative lifestyle in Texas to move to an extremely liberal lifestyle in Idaho was quite a culture shock for a young man accustomed to heavily starched, creased clothes, cowboy boots and hat.  He felt way out of his element but managed to be flexible and adjust. He made friends, settled in and still lives in Idaho today with his wife, Heather.  

While David was living in Texas he had attempted to get a college education. To be honest, he was more attracted to partying than getting an education.  He never got the feeling there was any shot at higher education while sitting in class.  To David, it felt like he was being brainwashed… trained, not educated. So, he dropped out.  

His twin brother, Mark, graduated from the University of Texas. College education appears to have closed his brother’s mind… making it harder to think out of the box. David felt that this too would be his outcome if he had stayed with it.   As he has said: “Had I stayed in College I would have denied my natural ability to heal and cure disease and would have never made the discovery that restores immunity.” 

OK…Back to Idaho… David worked for the Sun Valley Ski resort, which provided him with free skiing and snowboarding. He worked for a car rental company, allowing him to drive new cars. He was enjoying the resort life and was often called ‘Tex’ due to his cowboy attire. Friends suggested he become a firefighter and EMT, so on their urging he joined the Wood River Fire and Rescue department and became both a firefighter and EMT.  It was a role he made a career of, as resort towns pay EMS and Fire personal very well. 

As an EMT, he was trained in emergency life support to be able to sustain life until the patient arrived at a hospital to receive more advanced care. It was a job that on the whole was extremely satisfying, however departmental politics and competitiveness created an unpleasant environment.   David didn't become a firefighter or EMT to be a hero, to the contrary, he was prepared to “grit my teeth” and be part of fire and rescue personnel for the rest of his life because he was very good at it. 

But things were about to change.  A couple of years after moving to Idaho, Nick became enamored with natural medicine and was starting to press upon David his stories about a doctor friend in Montana who cured him of “Osgood Schlatter” disease (a common cause of knee pain and disfiguring) when he was a child. After Nick and David moved to Idaho, Nick started getting much more interested with natural medicine and continued to get increasingly involved while they were roommates. Nick often told David about how his natural doctor friend in Montana could cure many different ailments. Nick eventually trained under that natural doctor, in a modality called Total Body Modification, or TBM. 

Over time, Nick and David moved to different locations in Idaho. David continued progressing as a Firefighter and EMT and was now an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, known as EMT-I. He could start IVs to restore fluids and supplement blood loss, as well as defibrillate and intubate. It was then that he woke up one day and suddenly began experiencing extreme diarrhea for the entire day. He knew from his medical training that it’s never a good idea to be dehydrated. Around 9 in the evening, he finally called Nick for “natural medicine” help. Nick came right out, bringing with him his ‘magical’ natural medicine tools and supplements. He finally got his chance to show David his skills. 

Nick ‘did his thing’, doing a lot of things that were alien to David and finished in less than 15 minutes! Incredibly, he felt almost instant relief from this strange treatment. Nick kindly prepared some soup and after a good night’s sleep, David worked the next day with none of the ‘former problem’. Nick’s treatment was apparently successful! This really impressed David to the point that he called up Nick and told him that he wanted to learn to do what he did. It was like a compulsion, and there was no question about it. The trauma medicine of working as an EMT at highway accidents was no longer his calling and now he wanted to prevent illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease. 

As you might imagine, Nick was excited to teach David. Nick used the documentation he had from his own training to introduce him to natural medicine. Within a few days, David was already using it to heal and cure his local friends. Within 2 months, he was traveling to Texas to heal his friends there. Notably, he was curing allergies, asthma, and migraine headaches. This latter cure was particularly appreciated as anyone can attest who has experienced the suffering of migraines. 

David turned out to be a very good student and in a few months, he felt that his skill had become greater than Nick’s. His fearless nature drove him relentlessly forward to be better. He had a lot of friends and insisted on curing them all. Back then, natural medicine had greater success curing disease compared to today. As he said, “It was also new to people and they were more open-minded to trying it and by “trying it” I mean letting me force it on them.  I have ‘forced’ many people to let me heal them. :)” 

Now things started to get interesting in his new chosen field, and where events directly lead to the development of True Wisdom True Immunity. 

One day, Nick and David were both treating a mutual friend, when he notices Nick make an error in the treatment with the tool they were trained to use. He missed the spot on the body he was to correctly apply the treatment procedure to. However, when Nick did the standard test to see whether the treatment worked or not, it showed the correction had worked properly regardless of the incorrect application of the device. David double-checked and in his confusion, agreed the correction had worked. 

This set off a chain of events leading to providing cures for client’s existing diseases, and additionally providing them with full immunity to disease. It quickly became clear that regardless of the treatment they were doing on clients, it was the personal desire or INTENT to correct ‘what was found wrong’ that mattered. Our brain would do the correct work. This was a biological and scientific hypothesis of David’s that proved to be a fact that was repeatable. Though it is the practitioners brain that triggers the client’s brain to react, it is the client’s own immune system that does the healing. 

David was thrilled to discover this, but Nick, not so much, and the doctor who trained Nick, not at all. Things were strained after this. In a matter of months, he had learned more than the 92-year-old doctor in Montana had in over 40 years of practicing natural medicine. They were not interested in how it worked when it worked, and why it failed when it did. 

For David, this was more important than anything else in the world. 

David noted failure in Total Body Modification when it came to ‘long distance healing’. His experience has shown that intent and desire to heal and trigger immune responses cannot be transferred through the phone or on Skype. Healing needs to be done and or taught face to face.  Many years were wasted along with Nick’s life, on supposed long distance healing and the last David spoke with Nick he could barely walk or talk… proving how dangerous and deadly pride can be. Nicks training in natural medicine without the advancements David had discovered had failed him.  The doctor who trained Nick had failed Nick. 

About 22 years ago, David made a huge discovery. Nick, the doctor in Montana, and his son, were all becoming ineffective at healing. They had discovered the internet and all the ‘natural medicine’ products they could research and buy online. Though products were good for business, their effectiveness was drying up. The FDA soon came out and declared natural medicine to be placebo. The natural medicine industry became offended. 

As far as he knows, David is the only person that stopped and questioned the EFFECT part of ‘placebo effect’.  Everyone else complained while he forged ahead and discovered and developed the biological act of healing. 

He began by removing all the placebo natural medicines and supplements from his practice, and continued developing his intent and desire which more consistently triggered effective healing. David was removing products while others were adding them. He discovered several more aspects to the treatment method, of intent and desire communicating from one brain to another brain, which increased effectiveness beyond any other methods being used by others. 

While he was walking away from the popular platform of natural medicine with all its supplements, he found that what he was discovering and developing was contradicting everyone and everything in the natural medicine world. The better David got, the more unpopular he became. 

Once he realized that ALL healing is a result of people, NOT herbs, supplements, or other modalities and gimmicks, he realized that he was not healing and curing disease, but restoring immune function. David developed his methods further so he no longer just spot-treated the signs and symptoms that are labeled ‘disease’, but also started developing a means to fully reconstruct the immune system! 

This was true science! This was exciting! A small team, or in his case, an individual developing and testing a hypothesis in the manner of many past great scientists who were free to develop their craft without the influence and agenda of massive corporatocracy. It was through ongoing trial and error, with many failures along the way, that eventually had him succeed in creating True Wisdom True Immunity. TWTI done correctly does not fail. It does however, require discipline from David, his trainees, his clients, or his trainee’s clients, to achieve these repeatable results. Only the sickest who’ve deteriorated to the point of not having sufficient gland or organ function to perform immune functions cannot be cured. 

As far as we know, there isn’t anyone in the world doing what we do here at True Wisdom True Immunity. Many may claim they are working with immune systems, but will fail the test when the products, supplements, and gimmicks of their procedure come out. Most still don’t know that the human immune system is massively capable of restoring biological balance to the body, including curing of any and all disease, and maintaining immunity to disease. David’s trainees and clients know this quite well, and are the living proof of its effectiveness. Only those truly wise to the common sense of having a fully enabled immune system, will see this simple truth for what it is, and come see David or one of his trainees for treatment. 

The immune system represents the master orchestrator of self-regulatory mechanisms, designed to participate in growth, maintenance, repair, signaling, and optimization of physiology. Simple commands from one brain to another activate this consistently, reproducibly.  May you be one of these wise ones. 

David continues to treat and train folks in True Wisdom True Immunity. He has entered a new phase in developing a better support structure for his trainees and clients, in order to expand the audience reached by TWTI. The improved support structure will greatly assist his trainees to better share this great gift with more people and directly increase their confidence and desire to cure more and more people.     

*** A Note from David: 

What I do and teach as True Wisdom True Immunity is NOT Total Body Modification or TBM.  The root of my desire to cure and heal diseases and ailments started with TBM.  I quickly realized the shortcomings and inadequacies of TBM and over time dropped doing its protocols and its SUPPLEMENTS that should not have been needed, and indeed are NOT needed to produce effective cures.  My knowledge and skill in healing derived from trial and error not research and data mining.  There is nothing on the world wide web useful for obtaining or creating immunity except what I share.  

I discovered how to cure all diseases without fail, by the immune system alone, and to precisely test and monitor the validity of the discovery, all because of the constant FAILURE common to TBM being inadequate in my mind.   TBM does NOT cure disease. It does NOT restore immune system function, bring biological balance and or IMMUNITY.  TBM may have induced a PLACEBO EFFECT back in its early days, creating some relief of some signs and symptoms of ailments- as is mentioned above and how I experienced the TBM placebo effect personally. The important point is that the relief I experienced propelled me to learn more about natural medicine, which was more effective at that time, for reasons mentioned above. 

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