Full Disclosure on CureZone Attacks

CureZone Attacks Explained


Full Disclosure on CureZone Attacks  

I didn’t just wake up one morning with full knowledge of how to heal with pinpoint effectiveness and consistency.  I didn’t just wake up one morning with the truth.  It took me 25 years to perfect healing to a matter of fact science. 


During those 25 years I learned through trial and error.   I did not learn to heal by using Google.  Matter of fact, Google is largely responsible for my failures if not totally responsible for them.    

My education in scientific healing started 25 years ago when I was introduced to what was then an extremely effective “natural healing/medicine” modality.   I was introduced to the natural healing/medicine modality known as Total Body Modification.   Within two months of being introduced to Total Body Modification I was using my training to cure diseases said to be incurable.   

I was curing my “patients” of allergies, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, seizures, migraine headaches, infertility, impotence and dozens of other diseases.   I wasn’t curing everyone but I was curing most.


Total Body Modification is a fairly extensive modality that at the time, taught me to work through my patient’s whole body.  When a person came to me to be cured of migraine headaches I didn’t just spot treat their headaches I did the full TBM treatment on them.   I did the full TBM treatment with all my patients and in that treatment was a misleading “virus” treatment.


While I was practicing TBM, I never once had a person come to me to be cured of the disease known as Herpes / HSV.  However I had numerous patients tell me I had cured them of herpes/HSV.  Because of their feedback I knew I could cure HSV/herpes but what I didn’t know at the time is HOW I had cured all those patients who were consequently cured of HSV after seeing me for something else entirely different.   

Because of my trust in Google and modern science I naturally assumed I had cured my previous patients of HSV/herpes through the TBM “virus” treatment.  BAD ASSUMPTION which lead to a major setback in my credibility because it lead to a solid month of devastating failure.     

Here is the story behind the CureZone attacks.  By the time I joined the CureZone in order to reach people in need of cures I had already discovered I didn’t need Total Body Modification gadgets or any of its products to heal.  I had already discovered that all natural medicine, including TBM is placebo.  I had already removed the gimmicks from my healing practice.   

I joined the CureZone a naïve man.   I thought with a name like CureZone “Educate instead of medicate” as their slogan, I would save the world.  I found out otherwise.  What the CureZone means by “Educate not Medicate” is they mean use their natural medications instead of pharmaceutical medications.


I announced on the CureZone that I could cure disease without using any products or gadgets and the FIGHT was on.  Hundreds of their members were extremely interested in what I had to share and offer but hundreds more were trying to protect the products and gadgets they were selling and the sellers on CureZone are the ones who generate the revenue for the CureZone.


I explained in my CureZone post that I could cure allergies, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, seizures, migraine headaches, infertility, impotence and dozens of other diseases but the only people who were willing to take me up on my offer where the desperate souls diagnosed with HSV/ herpes.   

I told them I could indeed cure them of HSV/herpes because I knew I could.  This is what came next, they asked if I could cure them with long distance healing and naturally TBM teaches that long distance healing can be done but I found out they were wrong.   Nonetheless they asked me to do long distance healing and I said I would try.   

I waited till I found three people in Texas to attempt to heal with long distance healing.  I picked Texas because I am from Texas and if the test subjects didn’t pay my way to validate the experiment I would pay my own way and visit family and friends in Texas while I visited the patients.  I picked three people, three long time members of the CureZone and I worked with them over the phone and gave them almost a month before I flew to them on my own dime to check and verify the success or lack of success.  The latter was the case.


Upon meeting them one on one I could tell that they had made adjustments from my phone call with them but the changes were random and not remotely like what would take place face to face.   I discovered then that I had no influence in long distance healing.  My generation of electrochemical signals from my brain to my patient’s brain did not transfer over the phone.  It was solely up to the patient on the other end of the phone to engage their immune functions meaning it was no different than them using any form of “natural medicine” or placebo medicine on one’s own.    Over the phone I had zero influence over their electrochemical signals.   

So the experiment proved long distance healing is impossible which by the way caused the CureZone to hate me even more, but I didn’t leave those three CureZone members hanging.  I gave them the full treatment using my electrochemical signals I had adapted and discovered with my Total Body Modification training.  I still used the signals the TBM training afforded me I just didn’t use any of the gimmick gadgets or products.  I gave those three clients the FULL treatment and experience and they all were cured of HSV and more and they reported on the CureZone they were cured and this only further infuriated the owner of the CureZone and all the product sellers.  

With the three testimonies from long time members of the CureZone others became extremely interested in seeing me so we set up two groups in a one month time, a small group in Florida and a large group in NYC.   Because I still believed in modern science, Google and some of my training in TBM, I set the visits up for two days only thinking I was going to give everyone the “Virus” treatment and be on my way.   I was dreaming of all the success I would have traveling from city to city for two days curing hundreds of thousands of people from herpes/HSV and then the truth reared its ugly head.   

At this point I was still naïve enough to believe the electrochemical signal related to the Total Body Modification “virus” treatment was the cure for HSV/herpes.   Had I not treated the three people in Texas with the FULL treatment I would have learned the mistake and error of my thinking.  I followed up for two weeks FREE of charge with the three people in Texas to make sure they were cured of allergies and everything else had I just given them the “virus” treatment I would have still been attacked for failing to cure them but I wouldn’t have been attacked for failing the others. 


I did not treat all the people in Florida and NYC for allergies, I only treated ONE and she was the only one cured of HSV.  I treated her for everything and with everything and she was the only one to do the full ONE week diet of no carbs and no sugars and consequently she was the only one cured of HSV/herpes.  She testified and shared her experience and was attacked.   As it turns out, one of the people I saw in NYC was the owner of the CureZone.  I never got anyone’s real name on those trips to Florida and NYC, we just left them with their anonymous forum handles.    

It became clear that the owner of the CureZone was one of the people I saw in NYC and I don’t know if I failed to cure her of HSV/herpes because I don’t even know if she even had herpes/HSV.    What I do know is she used my trip to NYC to ban me from the CureZone and she banned the three members who I saw in Texas and she also banned anyone who tried to mediate the misunderstanding.   

She completely dismissed the one person I did the full treatment on who posted her test result on Hubpages and shared with the world that she was cured by her visit with me in NYC.  Well she didn’t completely dismiss her; she attacked her with vengeance until the she pulled down all her information from Hubpages.


The owner of the CureZone and I went around and around on Hubpages and in those days I was a very angry man, handling everything with the full brunt of my anger.  I knew damn good and well I could cure HSV/herpes and she was not just getting in my way, she was getting in the way of those who were desperate to be cured so we battled and we attacked but more importantly I learned my lesson.


After the trips to Florida and NYC I no longer tried to cure HSV/herpes in a two day weekend and with that correction I was once again successfully curing HSV/herpes.  People either came to me for a week or I went to them.  Mind you I never charged a person a fee, I only accepted donations and what donations I got were small.  I thought if I just kept curing people the word would get out but the owner of the CureZone knew that and she  kept the battle going attacking my credibility every chance she could.  The attacks only stopped when I discovered the full truth about scientific healing.   They stopped because I left her nothing to attack other than me personally.    

In summary, my NYC and Florida failure is just part of what has lead me to where I am today.  It can require more than a week of no carbs and no sugars today because man is getting more and more fragile by the day so I keep people for two weeks because failure is no longer an option.   I don’t treat people for herpes/HSV, instead I restore their entire immune system and the immune system is what cures herpes/HSV not me and not some TBM “virus” treatment.   That is the lesson I learned and why I can still cure HSV/herpes with complete consistency today.  

My battle with the owner of the CureZone was indeed dark times for me and I wish I could just put it all behind me but she leaves her attacks up on the CureZone for others to see and she has deleted any of my rebuttals or any rebuttals from anyone who knows me.  She does this because she makes a very lucrative living off of the CureZone and the gimmicks sold there and she needs people to believe in the products sold there.    

I post this disclosure for your sake.   If you fall for the propaganda and CureZone attacks you will lose your only chance at curing any of the diseases I have mentioned here or any disease you may have.   

The entire healthcare industry, natural and pharmaceutical hates the information I share.  They need people to believe in buying their products and the last thing they want to see is people using their immune system to cure diseases.   This is why the attack remains on the CureZone.   

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