7 Steps to Start Healing Today

What You Can do Today to Start Healing


7 FACTUAL ways to truly IMPROVE your health and BOOST your IMMUNITY.   NO PRODUCTS REQUIRED.  

In person I OFFER and PROVIDE with 100% guarantee COMPLETE IMMUNITY to ALL DISEASE and CURES for ALL DISEASE and again no products required. In person I can make you disease free and immune to all disease but until you meet me in person, THESE 7 FACTUAL STEPS are all you can do to improve your health, everything else you do and or buy is pure gimmick marketing propaganda.  

1) Quit getting stressed out and scared. Fear and or stress are much more harmful than smoking or GMO foods. You have an immune system designed to keep you disease free so quit being afraid of disease or stressed out over diagnoses and give your immune system a fighting chance without you maxing it out with stress and fear.  

2) Once you have eliminated your stress and fear increase your sleep to 9 to 10 hours every night and if you wake up more tired because you slept so long GO BACK TO BED and let your body finish what it was doing that was making you so tired. If you cannot sleep 9 hours or more it is because you don't have control over step 1 so go back to step 1.  

3) Stop using antiperspirants and deodorants because your lymphatic system is your most concentrated waste removing system in your body and it is critical you can pass waste at your arm pits. In time your pits will stop offending if you follow all the steps here. It was not the aluminum that was harmful ,it is the act of stopping perspiration that is deadly to you. * (see note below after reading all steps.)  

4) Drink clean H2O, as close to pure water as you can get. Filtered bottled water is fine. AquaFina is fine. Crystal Geyser is fine. Drink enough water to keep your urine clean but don't drink it too much and too late that it keeps you up at night having to pee. In a few days of drinking enough water and not using antiperspirants your lymphatic system will catch up and you will stop offending. ** (see note below after reading all steps.)  

5) Stop drinking coffee, sodas, tobacco, eating chocolate or any other foods or beverages loaded with caffeine because caffeine takes up a lot of your lymphatic system, it interferes with sleep and all and all it is unhealthy even organic green tea and cocao are unhealthy. Don't fall for the marketing scam. Remove these products from your diet and you will be able to go without using antiperspirants and deodorants without offending.  

6) Cut back on sugars and carbohydrates as much as you can. Don't cut so far back that it makes you miserable because you have to go back to step 1.. Cut back what you can while still maintaining peace of mind. *** (see note below after reading all steps.)  

7) Use common sense, observation and awareness instead of data mining published "studies" and Dr. Oz because every word of scientific published "studies" and Dr. Oz is written and spoken to market something you have no earthly need of.  

* Once you have gone a few weeks without offending at the pits without using any products you can start using the Salt Crystal to keep bacterium from growing at your armpits. The longer it takes for you to stop offending at the pits the more trashed your body was.  

** There is no CLEANSE you can buy or research that will beat water for removing toxins and caffeine. Don't waste the money, instead donate it to a worthy cause like spreading the truth about your body and what it takes for you to be healthy.  

*** Peace of mind boost immunity. Get it whenever you can but you can't force or it too will cause stress.  

Follow these directions and you will do more for improving your health than any thing else you can do or buy. The only thing you can do beyond these steps is witness proper and complete immunity in person face to face with someone already immune to disease because YOUR body will do everything it can to adopt the same communication skills the body uses to be immune to disease. If your body personally witnesses correct immune functions in others it can adopt those same functions.  

You would not have to see anyone to restore your immunity had our parents and their parents before them not dropped the ball. We destroyed our natural immune capacity when we started looking for products, gadgets, and special fad diets to keep us healthy and drugs are products. We forsook God and or evolution in favor of consumerism and our immune systems and our ability to control them are paying the ultimate price.

For a detailed guide and explanation about the TWTI process please feel free to download our TWTI GUIDE.


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