Which is Right for You?


Treatment Without Training

If you are not interested in your life changing EXCEPT for being immune to disease, then treatment is your option.   No one must BELIEVE in TWTI to become immune to disease or to remain immune to disease.  To be treated and immune to disease you need only follow simple directions while letting a TWTI expert help you through the natural steps of rebooting your immune functions.  

You have no choice but to spend two weeks seeing a TWTI practitioner daily while avoiding carbs and sugars for that same two week period.  A person who is extremely fragile and unhealthy might require more time with a TWTI healer.  

It will be the TWTI trained personnel who will be responsible for your health as much as you are.  They will give you full immunity to disease curing you of all existing diseases in the process and then it will be up to to you to maintain your immunity on your own through living a lifestyle conducive to long term immunity.  

If you insist on being a reckless person with your life, you will want to find a TWTI healer very near you for continued maintenance or you must consider changing your lifestyle or become trained in TWTI.  

Once a TWTI healer/practitioner has restored your full immunity during a healing session, you will have to live a lifestyle that will allow immunity to continue to exist or plan for simple follow up maintenance.  Immunity is simple to maintain.  You sleep 8 or more hours consistently and if you lose sleep one night you make it up the next soonest night you can.  You balance your ratio of carbohydrates and sugar to your proteins.  You would consume roughly 50/50 leaning to more proteins than carbs and sugars.

You will want to use alcohol and caffeine in moderation.  You will want to drink enough purified water to maintain your immunity and remove whatever chemicals you do consume.  

You will want to maintain moderate stress levels.  

If you occasionally find yourself with a more than normal stress load, try to sleep more and maybe back off carbs and sugars while dealing with extra stress levels.   If you are going to miss out on sleep, try to drink more water and eat less carbs and sugars while avoiding stress.  

Being treated is much like taking a pill.  You are letting something/someone else take care of you and then you do your best to maintain it.  However if life becomes tragic and immunity becomes interrupted,  a follow up visit to the TWTI healer/practitioner will be required. 

If some component of your immune system fails due to extreme conditions out of your control, you will have to see your healer again and do the two week diet to reset everything like before.  No big deal.  It will be much easier and typically takes a week with the two week diet being a precaution more than an actual requirement.  

I tend to offer free follow up sessions with clients who simply want to be treated without having their life changed by being trained in the wisdom and skill of TWTI making any follow-ups more affordable.  

Training With or Without Treatment

Training is the most righteous and proper course of action because we exist for the sake of being happy and healthy and wisdom, knowledge and skill is the key to being happy and healthy.

Learning the skill of TWTI reveals the tragic misinformation of the world today.  It exposes just how wrong society is and how industry and economics has little regard for factual science or truth.

The TWTI skill can be as life changing as you want it to be.  A trained person does not have to become bitter about how wrong their friends and family closest to them are, but they will have to learn to cope with their closest friends and family being wrong about virtually everything.

It is simple, a person has to be VERY wrong to be unhealthy and it is that cut and dried.  If you learn to be healthy and your friends and family do not subscribe to such wisdom and the resulting joy of being perfectly healthy, it will be a little awkward to say the least for you to be around such foolish and fragile people.

It is very easy to learn the TWTI skill.  It can be taught in 10 hours if broken up into 2 hours a day for five days.  It can be taught in 16 hours in a two day weekend.  It can be taught in 10 or 14 days of mild 2 hours daily training and healing at the same time.  

But ONE thing remains necessary, a person interested in being trained must have a person WAITING FOR THEM BACK HOME.  That person back at home does not have to be trained.  Only you have to be trained, but you need a person back at home who will be involved with you being immune to disease and in turn you will make sure they are immune to disease.  It is common courtesy to heal the person who you will rely on for supporting your own health.

TWTI requires a perfect form of muscle testing for newbies to practice and use their new found TWTI skill.  This precision muscle testing is part of the TWTI training.  If a person trains in TWTI and does not have an ARM to use for muscle testing when they get back home (mind you the person with the arm at home DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TRAINED) they cannot practice and use the TWTI skill they are taught.   Make no mistake, the most well trained doctors PRACTICE medicine while TWTI trainees cure disease and restore full immunity without fail.  A proper trained TWTI person does not PRACTICE healing, they HEAL!  Practice is for people who are not yet capable of succeeding.

AGAIN, you can be the only person trained in your town and you can borrow any arm of any untrained person in your town at any time and treat/correct/cure/heal yourself just as if you were your own client.  Naturally you can take on anyone anywhere in the world and treat and cure them by using your new found TWTI skill.  

I harp on this because some people struggle with the concept of trained TWTI personnel actually maintaining their own immunity with no other trained people involved.  Being trained allows TWTI trainees to live more reckless lives because it takes NOTHING to stop for a few minutes and reset/reboot/reprogram full immune functions at any time.  

The worst thing about working on one's self AGAIN because of wild reckless living is you might have to do the no carb no sugar diet again for a week or two.  Other than the possibility of the diet again, it takes minutes to fully reset all immune functions again if one recklessly blows any immune settings.


This is a new page as of 2/20/2019 and I am in Chile as I add this without my own computer so forgive my mistakes as I will proof and refine when I get back to the states as well as add the rest of the content about being trained.  Right now I am going to go out and explore Chile.