Simple Two Week Diet for TWTI

No carbohydrates or sugars.

The diet is very simple, while a TWTI healing practitioner is restoring someone's immunity to all disease and repairs for all malfunctions the client must avoid carbohydrates and sugars for two weeks give or take depending on overall health and stress levels of the client.

No carbs and sugars mean no fruit, no grains, no starchy vegetables.   

Foods to eat will be meats, vegetables that are not starchy and sugar free dairy.  

Small amounts of beans and nuts can be consumed.

An example of a tasty meal will be steak, fried eggs, avocado and cauliflower with lots of cheese.  Because of lower calories, clients will need to eat more than they would normally eat.

Caffeine and tobacco can sometimes be used but will slow the process down and might extend the time required to fully restore immunity and repairs.

The more rest a person can get and the less chemicals like caffeine and tobacco the more efficient the body will be at fully restoring immunity and repairs. 


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