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How TWTI is Different

How is TWTI Different

 "Natural healing" and "natural medicine" are not the same thing.  Nothing truly links them together except for the occasional placebo effect.  Natural Healing is the act of physically healing something.  True Wisdom True Immunity is dedicated to physically curing disease using only the immune system.  If you want to be cured, be immune to disease or you want to heal and cure others in order to provide them with immunity this is what you need to know.

You use your brain to control most of your life. You get up in the morning and you use your brain to direct the tasks of showering, brushing your teeth, making breakfast, working out at the gym and then off to work you go where you use your conscious brain to electrically and chemically control everything you do to get through the day. You pound nails, program software, cut hair, apply makeup and everything else you think about doing and do because of electrochemical signals from your brain to your body.

This means every task you do; your brain communicates proper instructions to the body to get the task accomplished.  You can't brush your teeth without using electrochemical signals, more the 'electro' part than the 'chemical' part and you cannot heal without using them.  This is a scientific fact and there are so few facts in today's industry of science so cherish this one because it will lead to a cure if you want to be cured. 

No healing or immunity will occur without the brain orchestrating the task. The one subtle difference between riding a bike and being immune to disease is the daily task you do every day is made up of voluntary actions; your conscious brain tells your body to brush your teeth or push down on the pedal when riding a bike. You immune system and healing components are governed by INVOLUNTARY actions that your immune system and immune functions are designed to do without you giving it any thought.

Illness and disease are a result of the body failing to involuntarily control it's involuntary actions. GMO foods are not the cause of such failure. Pharmaceutical companies are not the cause of such failures. Chem-trails are not the cause of such failures. Fluoride is not the cause of such failure. Health foods are not the solution to such failures. Natural medicine is not the solution for such failures. Pharmaceutical medicine is not the solution for such failures.

Poor sleep or too little sleep is a cause of immune failure. Too little clean water is a cause of immune failure. Fear and stress is a cause of immune failure. MOST OF ALL, ignorance and disrespect for the simplicity of being healthy is the cause of immune failure.

THE ONLY solution to immune failure is to get the brain to properly coordinate the electrochemical communications that make the immune system take proper action. It is only different from getting your body to hit a baseball proficiently in the fact that there is no visual confirmation of an accurate electrochemical signal being sent and the fact that swinging a bat is a voluntary action where immune processes and immune functions are designed to be involuntary actions without thought. There is very little difference beyond that.

I cannot make you swing a bat or scratch your head with my mind, your body and brain protects you from such obtrusive manipulation. However I can matter of fact and scientifically send the EXACT same signal your body would otherwise be involuntarily sending on its own behalf to your body. Your brain and your body will adopt that signal as if it came directly from you because there is no difference between the signals I send and the signals you should be sending and your immune system and immune functions will respond as if it came directly from your brain. I do not heal my clients and students, I simply relay the proper electrochemical/electro signals their brain and body wants them to relay and that signal is NO DIFFERENT than what their body would create on its own behalf if they hadn’t neglected the ability.

No healing in the history of man has EVER taken place without someone coordinating a proper electrochemical signal to command the immune system and immune functions. An individual can luck into an occasional electrochemical communication when they truly believe in a placebo product such as “natural” medicines, herbs and supplements. An individual can luck into a proper electrochemical communication when they truly believe in a pharmaceutical drug. An individual can luck into a proper electrochemical communication when they truly believe in prayer. This is because the body is designed to heal itself and it just needs the motivation and the opportunity so sometimes BELIEVING a product or prayer will heal will be enough to give the body and brain the go-ahead to generate a coordinated immune response. It is much less common for prayers and products to work today for several reasons, one of which is the fact that man has devolved to a state where there is not enough properly functioning immune processes left for the body to coordinate a healing response through placebos like prayer or herbs. Another is the fact that modern man mentally traveled too far off course and no longer has any respect for the immune system or immune functions and now only respect products, prayer and other gimmicks causing the involuntary immune capacity to go dormant playing second fiddle to gimmicks.

A person does not have to BELIEVE in electrochemical signals to benefit from my ability to produce natural and normal electrochemical signals that will stimulate your immunity properly. They only have to remove themselves from harm’s way meaning they spend two weeks doing nothing but sleeping, drinking pure water and eating foods with little to no carbs or sugars in them. Avoiding carbs and sugars for the two weeks allows the body to gain the upper hand more efficiently. After the immune system and immune functions are correctly calibrated and doing their designed and designated task a person will be able to consume sugar and carbs without issue.

When the brain, body, immune system and immune functions are properly coordinated immunity to disease is the result and immunity to disease is the cure for any existing disease one might be currently struggling with. The body and brain do not care what commercialized science and medicine believe or hypothesize about. The body and brain doesn’t care what commercial healthcare believes is incurable. The body and brain does not care what Monsanto is up to. It only cares if you are getting enough sleep, water and calories and that you take the initiative to take control of your immune system and immune functions the same way you take control of your daily physical and mental activities. 

For a detailed guide and explanation about the TWTI process please feel free to download our TWTI GUIDE.

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