Immune Restoration Training and Treatment Courses

 January 15th -27th will be our next Immune Restoration Training and Treatment Course. This course will be on a budget platform with a fee of only $900 per attendee with a $250 deposit. Attendees will likely fly into Boise Idaho on the 14th and fly out on a comfortable flight either on the evening of the 27th or on the 28th, no red eye flights because healing will still be taking place and missing sleep is to be avoided for several more days after the course is over. Anyone who is in extremely poor health can stay longer for extra care and attention with no additional fees, but they will be required to make extended follow ups convenient by being able to drive to follow up visits.

As a budget course, attendees will be responsible for finding their own room and board, be it AirBnB or hotels. We will have future courses with more lavish accommodations for those not on a budget. For those of you who do wish to become immune to disease without a huge investment, we strongly encourage you to join our Facebook group “Why Not be Immune to Disease” soon if you would like to share room and board as well as rental cars.  The group will allow you to meet and get to know other attendees. The link is

Classes and treatments will be done in Ontario Oregon, twice a day unless as a group we work out a more convenient setting for classes and treatment. For example, if someone uses an AirBnB where a bulk of the attendees are staying we can opt to do training there for convenience.  It will be critical people sleep well and as much as possible, so training times can vary depending on the group’s sleep habits. We train twice a day for the first 7 days and 1 or 2 times a day depending on the group for the rest of the course. Sunday is a free day.

All attendees need to be extremely familiar with the TWTI GUIDE and TWTI DIET documents found on the Free Download page of this site. These documents are available to make sure we spend all time here training and resting to allow for optimum healing and training. We will be avoiding all discussion of OTHER ideas of health and healing because the TWTI Immune Restoration is fully self-contained and requires no other information found outside of the information we provide.

Attendees will leave the course immune to disease and trained to heal others. A properly trained attendee will be able to cure all diseases and do so without failing. That is our goal, and we expect it to be your goal as well even if you have no interest in healing others because the effective training is what will allow attendees to remain immune to disease for their lifetime.

Attendees will have two days of treatment and training before they must pay the remaining balance of the $900 fee. This allows people to understand what they are paying for before they pay the bulk of the fees. After a few days, attendees will have a much better grasp of True Wisdom True Immunity and peace of mind is important to us all.

Please contact us through our True Wisdom True Immunity Facebook page or Why Not be Immune to Disease Facebook group page if you are interested in this coming event. If you do not use Facebook, contact us through this website BUT BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER for our reply. We look forward to sharing immunity with you all.